2021 FWCIGA Assessable Premium Data Call

Although no assessment has been requested on the 2021 premium, the FWCIGA must comply with various reporting requirements and therefore requests that each member complete the 2021 Assessable Premium Data Call remittance form, using calendar year 2021 premium information, and submit it via the DocuSign form provided by FWCIGA within thirty (30) days of receipt of form. The data call is conducted to determine the FWCIGA’s premium base for assessment purposes. 

A read-only copy of the remittance form distributed via DocuSign is below for your reference. Remittance of the document via the DocuSign platform is required. The Data Call remittance form should be reviewed, completed, and signed by August 31, 2022. Questions regarding the form can be directed to (850) 386-9200 or https://fwciga.org/contactus/.


2021 Assessable Premium Data Call Remittance