RFP for Investment Services

The Florida Workers’ Compensation Insurance Guaranty Association (FWCIGA) is seeking registered Investment Advisors (as defined and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, “SEC”) interested in serving as an Investment Manager for FWCIGA externally managed funds. FWCIGA is expected to use its externally managed funds to pay policyholder claims in the event of insolvencies.

The objective of this RFP process is to evaluate proposing entities’ capabilities that will enable the FWCIGA to select an investment manager(s) for providing services described herein. The selection of a successful respondent and the execution of an agreement will be accomplished in accordance with Part V of Chapter 631, Florida Statutes, and the FWCIGA Plan of Operation.

The detailed scope of this RFP process is linked below:
2023 FWCIGA RFP for Investment Services

The deadline for submitting written questions regarding the RFP is October 6, 2023 [5:00pn EST]. The deadline for submitting RFP proposals is October 20, 2023 [5:00pn EST].

Questions related to the RFP and submission of proposals should be address to:
Liz Frisbie, Controller
American Guaranty Fund Group
PO Box 15159
Tallahassee, FL 32317
(850) 523‐1820