Arrowood Indemnity Company

Insolvency Date: 11/8/2023
NAIC Number: 24678
The State Of Delaware has issued a Liquidation Order on 11/8/2023 for Arrowood  Indemnity Company. This liquidation order will trigger the Florida Workers Compensation Insurance Guaranty Association along with a number of State Guaranty Associations throughout the county. The Delaware Receiver is beginning the process of transferring Covered claims. But until that is completed the Delaware Receiver has been given the courts approval to continue worker’s compensation benefits so that injured employees continue to receive their respective benefits based on the different states Worker’s Compensation statutes.

Below are the main contacts for the Delaware Receiver.  They will be able to answer your questions for now. You should not have any interruptions in your current benefits.

James J. Black, III
Black & Gerngross, PC
Telephone: (215) 636-1650
Telecopier: (215) 636-0268

Gene T. Reed, Jr.
Deputy Receiver
Rehabilitation & Liquidation Bureau
704 King Street, Suite 602
Wilmington, De 19801
(302) 577-1211