RFP for Investment Services Update

12.12.2023 UPDATE: Thanks to all that submitted a response to our Request for Proposal for Investment Services.  We’ve received 17 great proposals, more than anticipated.  The Contract for Services has not been awarded yet. 

Our planned review window was a bit aggressive with the Holidays and considering the number of responses received to have the review completed by our December Board meeting.  Staff agrees we need to expend the review deadline to January 31, 2024 to complete a thorough review on each proposal that they deserve.  The proposals and recommendations will be presented to the FWCIGA Board at our spring meeting 2024 (usually April – May timeframe) for decision. We apologize for the delay but wanted to be fair in our reviews and not rush.

Questions from potential responses were submitted according to the instruction in the RFP.   The written questions and responses are linked below:

2023 FWCIGA RFP Questions and Responses

The deadline for submitting RFP proposals was October 20, 2023 [5:00pn EST]. Questions related to the RFP and submission of proposals should be addressed to:

Liz Frisbie, Controller
American Guaranty Fund Group
PO Box 15159
Tallahassee, FL 32317
(850) 523‐1820